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Silhouette-question-markMy last few posts have been centered around three issues that I faced when I started prepping: no buy-in from family, didn’t know where to start, and of course the cost. Today, we are going to discuss where I began and on how you must make your determination.

Prepping to me is a lifestyle. It is not a quick and easy buy this and that and I am covered. As such, what I decided to do is to play the following scenario in my head:

“This second, the nation power grid has failed. There is no running water, and no communication.”

When I thought about this scenario, I thought about my family. What struggles would the need to overcome to last through the scenario. It was at this point I made a list of things (in order of my importance) that I should have had:

  • Water – I live in Florida and during the summer temperatures can reach in the mid to high 90s. Every summer there are numerous accounts of people that are rushed to the hospital with heat stroke. In this scenario, the need for water is of the upmost importance. Especially when there are no government services available or communication to get help. Also, seeing as there is a system wide shutdown of electricity, roads will be nearly impossible to drive on as traffic control devices that are not on battery back-up are off. This means, my family or I might need to walk to locations for other resources.


  • Food – I have three kids. Two of which are under the age of 4. Young kids and the elderly are the most fragile and also in times of chaos have the least ability to “do without”.  My kids in this scenario wont comprehend that there is no electricity, no Wal-Mart, no food coming in. All they can comprehend is that they are hungry and scared. This is why I ranked food my #2 priority. Having food available for my family will make them more at ease and more able to cope with the scenario at hand. I decided because of this, having meals that are easy to prepare and they are comfortable eating is key. If you have 100 cans of SPAM, but your family has never ate it, it will be very demoralizing for them when the time comes to do so.


  • Sanitation – Again, I have three kids. Kids already are known to be carriers of diseases more readily than an adult. If you look back in the history books, a lot of the civil war deaths were not from gun-shot wounds, but rather the disease the followed. Also, in medieval periods a lot of deaths were to lack of simple sanitation. One of my kids is currently still in diapers and as such this if left unchecked can pose a huge problem to your families wellbeing.


  • Communication – Depending on exactly how the grid was taken down, this might be huge priority issue. Having the ability to communicate between your family and other like-minded individuals will increase your chances of overcoming the situation immensely. Also, if I decide to search the neighborhood for information or worse supplies, having communication back to my house would be almost necessary.
  • Security – Why did I leave this for last? A lot of other prepping sites usually rank this at the very top. I take another approach to security in this context. When you are first starting out to prepping, in my opinion it does not make sense to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars protecting stuff you are planning to have. This is not to say to be completely disarmed and be ready for the taking. This means, obtain a weapon or two to provide basic security. Then, refocus on the higher needs of water, food, sanitation, and communication. If you are able to provide at least the basic level of security, in my opinion you should focus on what truly can save your life. Remember, you can’t eat a gun nor drink it.


  • First-Aid – This one goes hand in hand with Sanitation. Simple cuts and scrapes can turn into a life or death emergency. With roads blocked and communication disrupted, the need for at least basic medical care is ever so important. I recommend at least starting with a basic first aid kit and some extras as hand sanitizer and OTC medication.


  • Shelter – This would be my last priority for this scenario. Reason being is most of us have a home and we can use that as shelter. I would prep for staying in place during this scenario. As such, you might need to fortify or provide other comforts of shelter. Make plans accordingly.


So there you have it. This is my list of what I would recommend anyone starting in prepping should follow. It gives you the opportunity to overcome our scenario and survive.

Do you have comments or suggestions? I am always interested in hearing what other people have to say! Leave your comments, and I will be sure to read them!


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