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productReview1Today’s product review is of my current EDC multi-tool. I will be breaking down my review in 4 criteria: usability, portability, durability, and prepping value. In my previous post “Every Day Carry” I mention a multi-tool is a vital component of my tools assortment that I like to carry every day with me.

The multi-tool is the SOG PowerAssist Multi-Tool. My reason for this multi-tool over others is some of its specialty items that I think would be good in an emergency situation. The SOG V-Cut comes really highly rated and if needed can cut you out of a seatbelt in a vehicle emergency. Additionally, I like the sheath it comes in and I also like the ability to order replacement items off the multi-tool if needed.

Usability (Rank 4): This multi-tool just works. The model I currently use has the following tools:

  • Pliers – Uses the SOG assist, which allows you to clamp down with less manual force.
  • Hard Wire Cutter – A great item for my field of work. This cutter does quick work of networking cable and/or zip ties.
  • Crimper – I have not used this, but I heard it for blasting caps…… interesting.. prepping value?
  • Straight Edge Blade – Great as a backup knife. Sharp and uses the SOG Assist which flips open with just a flick of your thumb.
  • Serrated Blade – Same as the straight edge w/ the SOG Assist. I have used it to saw through small limbs (less than ½ inch limbs)
  • Three-Sided File – not used but it has a nice grit to it.
  • Large Screwdriver – I use this at least once or twice a month. Works great and its sturdy
  • Philips Screwdriver – Same as the Large Screwdriver.
  • Can Opener / Small Screw Driver – I have used both from time to time. Both sturdy. I would say that the can opener is a little difficult to work, but in a pinch works.
  • Bottle Opener / Medium Screw Driver – I have used the driver with no issues.
  • Ruler – This is imprinted on the side of the tool. I would say calling this a ruler is a little far stretch but it works if needed.
  • V-Cutter – one great item that I have yet to use (and hope not to). Sharp. I have tested on twine and it cut it without any problems.
  • Lanyard Ring – I don’t use this feature but would be good to use if out in the woods. It is made of good quality and I wouldn’t expect issues from it.
  • Nylon Carrying Pouch – Works great. I currently use it on my belt and I have never felt it was going to fall out of it.

With all the tools that come with it, it makes a great compliment of various tools that help me during my day and also if and when a SHTF scenario occurs. I feel very confident that with this tool, I can survive an emergency (work or SHTF).

Portability (Rank 3): The SOG is quite easy to carry both in the sheath and on the lanyard. The nylon pouch has a clip on the back that allows you to either clip it to your belt or on a bag. It is made of a strong plastic and I have used it a solid 4 years and it has never broken on me. The reason I scored this down to 3 is it would be nice to include some sort of clip directly on the tool. Like I said above I have not used the lanyard ring yet but it is made of a good quality steel.

Durability (Rank 4): The tool is made out of 420 Steel with a black oxide finish. With my continual use the finish has not diminished. The tools themselves are sharp and as if they are the day I bought it. The blade knives have stayed sharp and I have yet to sharpen them. As far as wear, I have dropped it and its even gotten wet. Both instances have not caused any issues with the functionality of the knife.

Prepping Value (Rank 5): Two strong points for the SOG multi tool is the V-Cut and it’s SOG Assist. The SOG Assist can come very valuable in a situation where one of my hands is incapacitated. I would be able to open and use the knife, serrated knife, and the pliers with one hand. The V-Cut speaks for itself. I travel 30+ miles to work and if I faced an accident that I was trapped in, I could use the tool to cut myself free. I also think the V-Cut has double bonus of the ability to cut small rope/yarn. In a SHTF scenario, I can use that to make cord or cut cord without expending my knives blade.

Overall Rank: 4

The SOG PowerAssist Multi-Tool is a great addition that I have relied on for many years. I will continue to use this as my main EDU multi-tool. Although priced in the mid-range of multi tools, I think the specialized technology and tools command the price.

Let me know if you have questions or want further details


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