Prepping on a Budget

budgetToday’s post is going to deal with being able to continue to prepare with a tight budget. When I first started prepping, I faced various issues: no buy-in from family, didn’t know where to start, and of course the cost.

Out of the three issues I faced, the cost was the most direct and upfront issue for me. I found myself wanting to get to the same point some other preppers were but being blocked as they had invested thousands of dollars to get to their level.

Looking back, my first piece of advice to anyone starting is an old phrase you have heard before:

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”

That phrase is so powerful when you talk about prepping. It takes lots of time and money to get to a place you can say “Ah I am OK”. Even when you look at others, they will even tell you that they are not where you they would ideally like to be. There is always the newest tool or the newest scenario they did not think of.

Once I realized that prepping is a lifestyle and conscious choice, I came up with my own “Budget” for prepping. I decided that out of my bi-weekly grocery monies, I would part $10 to $30 solely for prepping.

It doesn’t seem like much right? Well here is a breakdown of items that $15 can buy:

4 Cans of SPAM ($2.50)

6 Cans of Tuna ($8.00)

2 Boxes of Pasta ($1.50)

2 Cans of Soup ($3.00)

Now how does $15 of preps look? To me, better than the week before…. I now have 14 cans of food that I can STORE and SURVIVE another day when SHTF.

If you cut out a few coffees, soda, cigarettes, beers, or other vises you can put another brick on your Rome.

Do you have other tips on prepping for a budget? Leave a comment, I am always wanting to hear of new ideas!


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