Prepping and Kids

kidfoodI am the proud dad of 3 kids. I have a 13 year old, a 3 year old, and a 2 year old. Children’s needs during an emergency situation are similar in regards to basic needs (food, water, shelter). But with kids, you must also have preparations to keep them out of trouble and make them feel safe and secure.

We have made a conscious effort to stockpile some easy toys that they would use in a SHTF scenario. Now, this doesn’t mean we take up critical space for other preps. It means we try to incorporate these things in our bug out bags, our vehicle survival bags, and at our home stockpile.

We also try to incorporate items that will make them safe. Currently my little one uses a pacifier. We ensure we have at least one in our preps. We also try to keep a good tab on exactly what they like to eat (that is not perishable). Currently Spaghetti Os is currently stockpiled for them. Additionally, freeze dried fruit and snacks also will help boost up their moral.

We also try to educate our kids as much as possible on the prepper lifestyle. There have been lots of questions to why we prep and we try to answer them to the best of our abilities. My older child, we try to instil knowledge and skills she could use in a SHTF scenario.  She currently understands how to purify water first, she also understands why we prep and that the items stockpiled are for emergencies.

One thing we try to achieve is a fine balance of preparedness and a normal life. We made a decision when we both agreed to prepping to allow our kids to live a normal life. This doesn’t mean we shelter them from our preps. We take the angle of teaching them and educating them on why and if they have questions we answer.

Perhaps when they are a little older we can talk more about prepping with them and have them more involved.

How do you handle your preps for your children? Please comment and let me know

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