Getting Family to “Buy In” to prepping

buyinIn my last post, I mentioned 3 issues that stood in my way from prepping: no buy-in from family, didn’t know where to start, and of course the cost. Today I am going to discuss on how I was able to get acceptance of the prepping lifestyle and get buy-in from my family.

For years I would buy a flashlight here, buy a can of food here, and store some water for hurricanes. This was a major pinch point for my family. There was no organization and what they saw was me just wasting money. They had every right to feel this way. I could not give them a good reason for what I was doing.

The biggest fear my family had was that it was a waste of time and effort to prepare for the unknown. My wife would tell me that she could not see a need for having extra items in the house that would take up space. She would go on to say that the “Government would take care of us”.

So when I became serious about prepping, I had to deal with both issues independently.

The first problem, disorganization/wasting money was entirely my fault. Families (better yet people) thrive on organization, direction and completion of goals. It makes us feel like we are accomplishing things. Once I realized this was blocking my family from buying into prepping, my entire scope changed. I sat down one night and I prioritized what my family needed. I also made a list of all the scenarios I thought that could pose a threat to my family.

With these two lists, I was able to create a hierarchy of exactly was needed first, second, third and so-on. In later posts, I will discuss my hierarchy in more detail.

After this, I sat my family down and described what prepping was, why we needed to, and the path we needed to take. It was at this time that I was able to tackle the second problem: preparing for the unknown / government will take care of us.

I provided facts that the government, under extraordinary circumstances cannot possible take care of all of us. I pointed the fact that FEMA strongly recommends people to have enough supplies for 3 days. I pointed Katrina. These points were valid and well made. Even with these, my wife still was afraid of the unknown and “did not want to think about it”. This is where I reiterated prepping. That at its core is why we prep. We prepare for unknown, we prepare for what might happen.

One thing I kept in my families mind is that when SHTF, all bets are off. We don’t know what can happen or how extensive it can be. Prepping just gives us the leg up from 99% of the other people in our community, county, state and the Country. It is the people that prepare that will have at least a standing chance to overcome and survive.

The Buy-in was not overnight. It took a lot of time and effort to get to the point I am today. I am grateful that my entire family embraces the idea and we now prepare as a family.

If you are encountering the same issues I went through, I would follow the same steps I did. Anytime you see any news that someone could have been prepared for, casually mention it. Make their minds work over the idea.

There were many times that I would hear of a natural disaster or a shooting. As tragic as these horrific events are, I would mentioned that someone that was prepared for them has a significantly better chance of surviving the scenario.  It’s these small nudges that eventually won my family over.

Give it a shot and let me know if it works. If anyone has any other suggestions on what they did, please comment I would be very happy to hear them!


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