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What you carry on your person is what I like to think of your last line of defense. Now, we think of every day carry items, we don’t think of carrying food or water. We actually want to have the tools and knowledge on how to obtain both. I have devised an “Every Day Carry System” that in my opinion is a great mix of all items I could expect to use in an emergency situation.

My Every Day Carry System is comprised of two levels: on-person and always by my side. At a bare minimum my first level: on-person, will ensure that I have the proper tools and equipment to overcome any situation I may come across.

My second level: “always by my side” comprises of a bag with various items within it. This bag, I consider an extension to what I am already carrying. This bag I take to work, home, and anywhere I will be. Sometimes I cannot physically have it on me but it is within close vicinity.

Today’s post is going to talk about the items within my first level of every day carry.

Self Defense Weapon – Depending on where you work and go, certain items would not be allowed to be carried. A good example of this is weapons. As I live in a state that allows concealed carry, this is one item that I always have on me (unless law prevents me from doing so).

Fire – I always have on my person a way to start fire. Even though I live in a warm state, fire is very important. If needed, it can provide warmth, sterilize water, cook food, and a lot of times is a big morale booster.

Light – The need for flashlights is also a good reason to carry one daily. In my line of work, there is many times that I need to look in crevices and tight spots with little light. This comes in handy for my daily work as well in an emergency situation.

Communication – It is rare to find someone that doesn’t have a cellphone nowadays. This every day carry is obvious. But what I also do is add various apps and documents on my phone that can be used in emergency situations. I will write about what I have installed on another post.

Currency – Another vital item to carry on you is money. I have a rule of thumb to always carry at least $20 dollars (multiple denominations). In emergency situations ATMs may not work and cash may be hard to obtain.

Knowledge – I also keep with my wallet informational cards. Some cards have vital information about people and places (addresses, names, numbers, blood type, important phone numbers, etc.).  I also keep survival cards and other portent information readily available.

Tools – I carry a multi-tool, a folding knife, and a can opener. Each tool allows me to perform specific functions (as opening a can of food) or it has a broad set of tools (multi-tool).  When faced in a survival situation, you will never know what you might come across and/or need. Its best to be prepared as much as possible.

In a future post I will provide more insight to the exact items I use, and expand more on my second level of every day carry. Again, I would like to stress that most of my items I have bought over time and you should consider having a plan of action so that prepping does not overwhelm  you.

Are there more items that you carry that would be good idea to include? I would love to hear about them and the rest of your comments. Please feel free to comment below!




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