The most important tool

ravenous_brain_rectToday we are going to talk about the preppers most important tool: Knowledge. Knowledge can provide the edge when a SHTF scenario happens. Yet, it is the most overlooked and undervalued tool. I have made it my own personal goal of learning something every day that can help me when SHTF. IT could be anything really, from urban edible plant identification to handgun tactics.

Now, when I talk about learning, most of the times I am talking about researching, reading blogs (like you are now), watching instructional videos. Most of my learning takes a few minutes to a couple of hours depending on what the subject matter is. I usually do this during a time that I can focus (usually in the evening) and retain the information.

Prepping is a lifestyle, like I have said in previous posts. You need to breathe, sleep, and think about it. There have been numerous times that I have been walking down a street and have taken a mental picture of locations, or recalled a specific “weed” growing on the concrete as an edible plant. This keeps my skills honed and ready for at a moment’s notice.

Some knowledge must be learned through doing and practicing. These must also be taken into account of your knowledge tool. If you have learned to make fire via youtube but you have not practiced, this in a SHTF can become a huge problem. Take some time out to practice the knowledge you have gained and perfect it. I do this regularly. When it comes to survival knowledge, I take a weekend long trip exclusively to work on them. What I have found when I do these trips is that sometimes the exact knowledge I learn doesn’t work for me. I have to modify or learn other ways to perfect it for my situation.  This is where true knowledge is learned. The time to practice is not when SHTF.

What do you think of my most important tool? Do you agree? I would love to hear your comments!


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