Alternate Currency

coinsToday’s topic is going to discuss having multiple methods of payment as a prep. It is wise to have a few methods that you can pay for goods and services in a SHTF scenario. Our current Fiat money will be useless when power does not work or during an economic collapse. I will provide ome alternate methods and ways you can supplement cash reserves for when SHTF.

In my EDC – In my Every Day Carry bag, I carry about $40 US dollars along with a few dollars in quarters. My reasoning is in the first moments of an SHTF scenario, this money will still be viable and can be traded for goods and services. I keep small denominations so change should not be needed. I also carry a few pure silver coins and one gold coin. These coins will allow me to barter for goods. The value of Gold and Silver tend to increase as the value of the US dollar decreases.

At Home – At home I have a multitude of items that can be considered currency. I will not disclose the amounts of what I have for security reasons. It includes items that you would not normally think as a good alternate currency. My thinking is people will need there vices, will need vital items for kids, and of course traditional alternate currencies are always accepted.

  • Gold and Silver – I keep in stock a supply of both and in varying weights and sizes. I also have a lot of scrap gold (chains, bracelets, etc) that can be traded for goods in a SHTF scenario.
  • US Dollars – I also keep in stock US currency. I do not count on this as my main alternate currency but I will attempt to trade this off first (for the uninformed and unaware) during a SHTF scenario.
  • US Currency – I also keep stock of coins. I keep all denominations of coins. I would say this is the lowest currency I keep in stock.
  • Precious Gems – I keep an assortment of precious gems: diamonds, rubies, opals, etc. Although tough to trade, for a particular person this could be the winning item for much needed supplies. One good bonus also is they are small and easy to carry or conceal.
  • Cigarettes – Once SHTF, people will be going crazy over nicotine withdraw. This alternate currency will prove to be very handy to these subset of people.
  • Baby Formula – Again the subset of people that have infants will be looking high and low for this item. It has a good shelf life and is portable. Also in a pinch can be consumed for your own benefit.
  • Liquor – This item can be a morale booster during a SHTF scenario. Not to be mean, this item is not meant for the alcoholics as I pretty much can assume they have perished or will unreasonable to deal with in a SHTF scenario.
  • Comfort Food (Non Perishable) – This is one set of alternate currency that is overlooked. Most junk food does not require refrigeration and can last at least 3 to 6 months. We keep this item in a rotation status in our preps.
  • Hygiene Items – This category includes items like soap, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc. During a SHTF scenario some people would be willing to trade items or services for just some toilet paper or soap. Also I consider this as  “throw in” items. When bartering, I can “throw in” a bar a soap to sweeten the deal.

My alternate currencies I think will allow me to barter and extend my survival. I will also state for me items such as food, water, ammo are off my bartering table. These items are too precious and I cannot fathom trading them for anything. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on my alternate currency and if you have any others I haven’t thought about.

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