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Welcome to PreppingTips.com. I wanted to give you the brief story of who I am and what I want to accomplish with this website.

My Name is Samuel Luis, I was born from parents that were exiled from Cuba back in the late 1960s. My family came to this wonderful country with only the clothes on their backs. They had just seen their own SHTF scenario right in-front of their own eyes: A government take over. Almost overnight, my family was tossed to the street for simply denouncing the Communist party and attempting to make a better life for then my two sisters.

Fast forward circa 2000s. I am part of the elite class of 2000. Graduating from highschool, eager to capture the world by storm. I enrolled in a private college to study my passion, computers. The world was great, everyone was making money, I was going to school.

Here comes September 11th, 2001. This day changed the world. It was at this moment my thought of a “kumbaya” world came crashing down. I remember thinking to myself even back then. “Man, what could the U.S of done to prepare or thwart those attacks?”.

The year now is 2007. I have now graduated with a bachelors degree in Information System Security. I am in a decent paying job, have a house. Again, thoughts of “kumbaya” swirl within my head. This too came to a crashing halt. In 2008 with the Economic Collapse and Recession, it made me start thinking again of prepping. But this time, I understood that the Government simply cannot help in crisis times.

The following years 2007-2013, I married the woman of my life, gained one child and brought into the world two sons. My priorities shifted. It was now about preparing for them. Making sure if SHTF, they would adapt, overcome and survive the scenario. I spent the better half of my first years of marriage convincing my wife about the “prepper lifestyle”. After a few months of discussing, and looking at negative after negative news stories, she was finally on board.

Now, we live a “prepper lifestyle”. We constantly think about what-ifs, and what we can do to overcome, adapt, and survive a disaster.

As i write this it is New Years Eve on 2013. The reason I am making this site is to help everyone out there that is new to prepping. To help those families that live in the suburbs and in urban areas where having a “doomsday castle” is not possible.

I genuinely believe people at heart are good people. In times of disaster, without proper preperation, things turn ugly. Hence, my plan is to disseminate valuable tips, tricks, advice, tools, and other know-how to make you overcome the next SHTF for you.

I ask that you take a few minutes of you day, read through my posts. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. Together we can overcome, adapt, and survive!


This is me, Samuel

This is me, Samuel